As a medicinal branch Ayurveda is pure and dominant science where herbs, plants, nature are the key role players, besides it has a tradition over thousands of years and here is the relevance of Urovasthi as it has the ancestry, it’s origination is from the rishi modules. Herbal is using for this Vasthi and as an ingredient herbal oil is an essential part of Urovasti and it’s a very effective treatment with 100% Ayurveda entity. Urovasti specially focus on the chest area of the human body and Uro is a term which means chest part and it enlarges effective result for certain problems related with chest. Every year hundreds of foreigners are coming to Kerala to experience this unique therapy and perhaps the westerners are the people whom know the benefits of Urovasthi better than Indians. Anyway Urovasti gets an important position in Ayurveda and this treatment is an undetachable part of Ayurveda. This natural way of Ayurveda getting much relevance day by day and it’s purely an Indian method of therapy. In Panchakarma Urovasti has an important stance and it accepts all the goodness from the nature where Ayurveda has within the aura of trustworthy. Urovasthi is a complete solution for chest related ailments and it never denies anything to patients, and Uroasthi proclaims the dominance and goodness of Ayureda.

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