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Souvenirs are meant to cherish memories of one’s experiences in life. These experiences can be anything. And when it comes to traveling, souvenirs attain immense value, especially when people visit truly exotic destinations like Kerala.

In Kerala, travellers would come across a variety of souvenir items that reflect its culture, history, art and socio-religious aspects.

Kerala souvenirs come in a wide range of attractive and unique handmade items. Among them are the popular ones like the Aranmula Kannadi (metal mirror); Handicraft products made from coconut shells, wood, clay and cane; Mural paintings and Handloom products likeKasavu sari (sari with golden brocade).

In Kerala, travelers can buy a variety of typical Kerala souvenirs from Culture Shoppe, the official agency to promote Kerala Souvenirs for the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. At Culture Shoppe, visitors could choose gifts and mementos like the Uruli (wok), Para(brass miniature of a traditional measuring vessel) Kettuvallom (rice barge) Aranmula Kannadi(metal mirror), Nettipattam (caparison for elephants), Nettoor petti (traditional jewelry box) and many others.

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