Fibre crafts

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Dolls as light as feather, mats, purses, bags, bangles, wall hanging, even parts of dresses… The list of handmade fibre articles is endless and is best left to the creativity of the craftsmen. A product of the cottage industry, these articles reach the cities from many hamlets across the state.

Usually white or flaxen, these fibres are obtained from plants like the banana (stem), Pineapple (leaves) etc. The soft, silky texture of the fibre gives a glazed finish to the products. These fibres are twisted, tanned and then dyed with pigments, before they are woven intricately into these numerous articles.

Fibre craft articles are available in fancy stores, the SMSM Institute – a state owned handicrafts emporium at Thiruvananthapuram and are also sold by street vendors at different tourist destinations.

These articles are not too expensive and last a lifetime if used with care and kept in dust free environs.


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