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Kathakali has become synonymous with Kerala and a Kathakali mask or model is today considered representative of Kerala. Little models of the art form or its mask cast in plaster of Paris or carved out of wood are popular souvenirs. The Kathakali puppet is a rich representation of the Kathakali vesham (costume) and varies in size from small curios to huge statues.

Kathakali, the 300-year-old classical dance drama, involves mime, mudras and musical accompaniments and is based on mythology.

Capturing the human as well as super human characteristics, the Kathakali costumes and make-up strictly follow certain representational rules.

The headgears and paint on the face vary for different characters. The costumes are distinct from other art forms in their billowing umbrella skirts, full sleeve blouses, heavy ornaments and large headgears.

The Kathakali puppet models have all these specifications. These models are readily available at Culture Shoppe’s outlet at Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 033, Kerala. Email: info@cultureshoppe.com. Culture Shoppe is the official agency of the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala to promote Kerala Souvenirs.


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