Kerala Blog Express Second Edition Flagged off

Blog express 2.0, an initiative by Kerala tourism to get world-renowned travel writers to know more about Kerala by experiening it in person is into its second season. Kerala Minister V S Sivakumar flagged off the bus taking the chosen bunch of writers from around the world on a two-week trip around the state.
This year’s group includes names from United States , Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria , Brazil, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Uruguay, Mexico, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, France, Indonesia and Philippines. There are also two Indian writers in the 30-member squad.
According to Kerala Tourism Additional Director (General), Anupama T V, The participants were shortlisted based on their profile, popularity and an online voting system. The selection period saw 702 entries this year.
Conducted in financial year 2013-14, the successful first edition of Blog received a big thumbs up from those who participated. Kerala is the first state in India to implement this unique concept in order to increase its popularity and reach as a tourist destination among worldwide audience. For details, check out

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