Abhyangam is a very special massage with the healing power to body refreshing and it’s very popular nowadays. It’s a massage completely effective to body and Abhyangam ensures refreshment of body and mind and Abhyangam the massage needed two therapies and without these therapies, the Abhyangam is not completed. It has everything or body refreshment and after finishing the Abhyangam course the patient would get a feel of servicing the body and refreshement. Abhyangam is a very important massage therapy of Kerala Ayureda and day by day Abhyangam gets much popularity and it has everything to feel surety of refreshment to every aspirant and no doubt Abhyangam is the master peace of Kerala Ayurveda. More positions of the body is needed to squeeze and Abhyangamtakes much time to finish and perhaps Abhyangam would be the lengthy massage therapy. New healthy changes would happen after Abhyangam and it’s an unparalleled massage therapy. In certain aspect Abhyangam is very useful to control aging process and this massage gives effect beyond expectation and its reliable. Abhyangam works in the body and stops de generation and it improves vitality and effectively works against years to come. Anyway Abhyangam is a quality contribution of Ayureda , the unique rishi medicinal science of India.

No of days :14

One time cost : US $20

Total cost : US $180

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