Ayurveda, the science of longevity, world’s most ancient rishi medicinal science needs no special introduction because the entire world whole heartedly taking interest to hug Ayurveda, that it has everything to ensure relief from un health and ailments. Dasamoola Ksheera Dhara is one of Ayurveda’s most effective treatments which ensures the elimination of nervous diseases and it has the sturdy power to control the whole problems of nerve related. Medicated milk is the main substance using for Dasamoola Ksheera Dhara. It has been found from the Snskrit texts of olden days – palm readings. This treatment nowadays gets wide acceptance in Kerala and interstates and of course from abroad also Dasamoola Ksheera Dhara seems very impressive. Its healing power is amazing and it’s very usefull for mental strain and for other psychic disorders. The treatment method is very interesting and the medicated milk is needed in large quantity to complete the unique Ayurveda treatment and it gives guaranteed curing effect for insomnia, mental tensions, head ache due to pitha dominance,menopause etc. Anyway this treatment can be defined as a valuable contribution of Ayurveda . It has everything that you would prefer from a quality Ayurveda treatment assuring immediate curing and there are hundreds of foreign visitors are coming to Kerala to experience Dasamoola Ksheera Dhara.

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Total cost : US $35

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