Karnapooranam is a complete solution for every kind of ear problems and it’s really a unique treatment of Ayurveda. With the un believable healing power of Ayurveda, it moves ahead with pure and natural treatment varieties and this unique rishi medicinal science delivers hundreds of testimonials of patients who’re free of ailments and it’s really a wonderful science branch of medicine. Before Karnapooranam, the patient should have to undergo a vibrant head and neck massage and in Ayurveda, the Karnapooranam is an important treatment to eliminate ear related problems. It delivers so many advantages and it’s relaxed to those who suffer with ear pain and other ear disorders, perhaps Karnapooranam has an ancestry over thousands of years and it was a treatment of local kings and also in the palaces. In olden daysKarnapooranam Ayureda treatment has been very popularized all over Kerala. Herbal oils are using for Karnapoorana and it’s absolutely an Indian medical treatment with the Ayureda entity enlarges guaranteed healing power and in India and abroad, there are hundreds of person who were cured undergoing Karnapoorna and it can be say as a special Ayurveda treatment especially designed for ear pain and related disorders and doubtlessly it’s a complete solution ensures caring and curing to ear patients.

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