Kathi, in Sanskrit means the waist portion of the human body and there many health problems related with waist and Kativasthi helps to eliminate waste problems and illness. It’s a well known treatment in Ayurveda which ensures relaxation for sufferings of waist related health problems. It gives relax and peace to every patient involves with Kativasthi and it’s a well known Ayurveda healing therapy all over the world .It cures lower back ache and this treatment is ery reliable and effective. Kathivasti meaningfully hugs the Ayurveda purificatory norms and there are two treatments in Ayurveda principles as palliative and purificatory and Kativasthi is a guaranteed treatment therapy in every aspect. It takes much importance in Ayurveda and its better undergo before joining Panchakarma treatment and in Kerala alone, there are hundreds of foreigners are coming to experience Kativasthi and this therapy rises the dignity o an ancient rishi medicinal science originated before thousands of years and Kativasthi can be defined as a complete solution for the ailments related with the waist.

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