As an amazing treatment scenario with unique entity “Ayurveda hugs all the goodness from the nature and Ksheeradhoomam is absolutely preparing in natural way and it’s a very special curing method with result oriented features. Ksheeradhoomam is not so familiar to a majority, but it’s a special Ayurveda therapy or neurotic disorders and the procedure of treatment seems very typical and entirely different from other Ayureda modules. It has everything that you would prefer from a particular Ayurveda treatment for neurotic problems where ‘milk??? plays a key role and Ksheeradhoomam is a process with the emission of the heated milk (steam or dhooma)and this treatment is very effective for neurotic disorders. The patient with neurotic complaints should treated with the dhooma or steam from the tube connected with the heated milk and it has certain danger that the patient (he/she) should be care not to burn with too much heat from the tube. But, the chances are less, Ksheeradhoomam treatment generally undergoes with the expert guidance of vaidyas (Ayureda doctors) and it can be say as a unique Ayurveda treatment originated from the Sanskrit Ayureda palm readings of the ancient rishi medicinal science. Ksherradhoomam is a complete remedy for neurotic disorders and nowadays, this treatment gets wide acceptance from eery corner.

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