The food habit of our society has been changed a lot, and it’s the main reason for the life style diseases which contiguously follows the new generation. India has very unique and stomach friendly food habits years back, and nowadays such goodness in dietary seems vanished and everywhere you’ll find consumption of modern eateries. A majority of youngsters blindly goes with routine use of unhealthy foods and gradually they became patients especially with obesity. The fat accumulation in body makes obesity and in Ayurveda, there are effective treatments to eliminate obesity and Lekhaneeyam treatment is especially meant for obesity and it has the power within to stop fatty body and Lekhaneeyam is a very special Ayureda treatment in every aspect and the un pleasant reality of obesity can be controlled and to eliminate with the enormous power of Lekhaneeyam. The obesity is curable and it can be treated with Lekhaneeyam and it has the sturdy power to decrease obesity and to make a healthy generation. The Lekhaneeyam therapy has the very effective healing capacity and it’ll change metabolism of the obesity affected person and no doubt this therapy would be able to eliminate over body weight and fatty problems and basically it’s a slimming program (chikilsa) takes 14 days to finish and Lekhaneeyam is pure and natural treatment where Ayurveda reveals the goodness

No of days :-

One time cost : Euro 18 Euro- Lekhaneeyam (Part), 35 Euro – Lekhaneeyam (Full)

Total cost : Euro 18 Euro- Lekhaneeyam (Part), 35 Euro – Lekhaneeyam (Full)

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