Skin diseases can be eliminate effectively in Ayurveda and it’s very unique and absolutely, it’s a rishi medicinal science holds the tradition over thousands of years where the ancient cultural heritage blooms with the repetition of primitive medical implements. Ayurveda has so many remedies especially designed for skin care/skin cure and to eliminate skin diseases and this ancient treatment system unveils many devices to protect the skin from ailments. It has its own specialty with herbs and medicinal plants to treatment or skin diseases. Lepanam is one of the effective datum of Ayurveda to eliminate skin ailments and certain remedies in Ayurveda enlarges amazing power within to control and prevent every kind of dermatological complaints. Skin related unhealthy problems can be treated very fruitfully with Ayurveda and it ensures the stoppage of skin problems and there would be no chance for reactions or side effects and Ayurveda is the only curing science without reaction/side effect/allergies etc. Lepanam is also very useful for arthritis, gout etc.7 days is the time span (period) ofLepanam and it’s really a very effective treatment for eczema and so many other skin diseases. Lepanam has certain restrictions and it’s not advisable for sensitie skin and to those who sensitive to heat. Leapanam , the skin treatment applies to the whole body of the patient and the products forLepanam treatment are pure and natural. The patient’s physical condition is very important and the prescription or Lepanam really depends with the physical suites of the body.

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