As a massage therapy “Marma??? takes much relevance in Ayurveda and it has everything to satisfy to those who undergo Marma. The vital points of the body are known as Marma and in Ayurveda, the massage therapy related with Marma cures many health problems and the Marma’s are very important in Ayurveda and perhaps no other treatment branch’s speaks much of Marma. In Ayurveda there is special division is working for Marma. It’s very reliable massage therapy and those who involves with Marma gets a feel of body relaxation and also it’s a servicing of body. Murma massagetherapy can be consider with much importance where mind, body, spirit etc are under the soothing effect and it promises guaranteed relaxation and to a certain extent Marma is a relaxation therapy. Marma is very particular with the meaning and it can be say as hidden or secret and it’s a gift of India to the entire world where the unique health improve system gets new heights and some surgeries are depending very much to Marma’s. It has to mention the specialties of Marma massage therapy and nowadays Marma gets wide acceptance everywhere especially with abroad countries. The traditional Ayurveda Marma massage therapy is now globally acclaimed and hundreds o abroad tourists are coming to Kerala to experience and enjoy Marma massage therapies.

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