Nasyam is a well known Ayurveda remedy with vast healing power and in Kerala alone thousands of Nasyam treatments happening in Ayureda centers and it gives guaranteed relaxation for head related problems. Nasyampromises the elimination of much type of headaches and it has everything to solve nerve ailments also, where the patient gets relax in every aspect.Nasyam helps to remove mucus from the affected parts of the head and nowadays Nasyam treatments are very popularized, in Kerala alone patients increasing to involve with Nasyam. After having Nasyam, the patient gets relax from the illness in the head region and the materials for Nasyam are natural and pure. It has all the power to supply immune power to the head region.Nasyam is a very special treatment of Ayureda and it keeps the traditional values of the rishi medicinal science. A lot of Nasyams are in practice at Ayurveda and its include Virechana Nasyam.Dhamana Nasyam, Brahmana Nasyam, Shamana Nasyam etc. Basically Nasyam is a process for toxin removing and it ensures relax for every kind of head related problems.Nasyam has an Ayurveda tradition over thousands of years and it’s a complete solution for headaches and also for toxin removal from the affected areas.

No of days :14

One time cost : US $7

Total cost : US $90

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