The nourishing therapy “Njavarkizhi takes importance in Ayureda and this treatment is keeping the rishi medicinal qualities and features. It can possible for total body care with Njavarakizhi and it has everything to satisfy the aspirants and it’s a process with two steps, and the fermentation of the body normally refers to Njavarakizhi and it has a tradition over thousands of years. It ensures an effective way to relax both mind and body and the goodwill of Ayurveda is nothing without Njavarakizhi. It is a part of ‘Pinda sweda???and in this treatment activity, the body is forced to perspire using Njavara and other herbal medicines. In Panchakarma, “Njavarakizhi??? is an integral part to keeping the balance between ‘vatha’, pitha and kapha and it’s a very result oriented Ayureda treatment with many unique features. The ancient cultural heritage of Kerala is deep rooted with Njavarakizhi and the Vaidyas of Kerala popularized outside the state is because of Njaarakizhi. It has great healing power and Njavarakizhi is very patient friendly which enlarges a pleasant facet of traditional Ayurveda and it’s completely Kerala’s own with an entity. Njavarakizhi is a complete solution for many diseases and it promises a healthy life and longevity. It’s 100% pure and natural with an exposure of the ancient rishi medicinal science and it keeps the traditional values of a curing system.

No of days :14

One time cost : US $ 60

Total cost : US $ 750

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