In Ayureda, Pizhichil has a substitute name as ‘Thaila Dhara’ and it’s a well known system of healing, getting much acceptance all over the world. Pizhichil is a very important traditional therapy and considers as the king of therapies. Pizhichil is a Kerala therapy, which ensures a new born effect to patients and this therapy is a combination of two classical and traditional treatments. Pizhichil, the Ayurveda therapy is very effective with so many advantages. Snehana and Swedana are the two in one combination of Pizhichil and it’s really unique in every aspect and this squeezing of warm medicated oil onto the body of the patient is an integral part of Ayurveda. The meaning of Pizhichil is squeezing and day by day, the number of patients is increasing to undergo with the same. It’ll take 7 to 21 days to finish a course of Pizhichil and every day 60 to 90 minutes is needed for sqeeze the patient. It has certain specialties and Pizhichil is something royal enlarges lot of remedies both to physical and mental. It cures many psychological problems like over anxiety and neurotic depression. Luke warm medicated oils are very important with Pizhichil and indisputably it’s a very dominant treatment of Ayurveda and it has a tradition over thousands of years.

No of days :14

One time cost : US $ 40

Total cost : US $ 550

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