Is a very special Ayurveda treatment with a very ancient tradition over thousands of years, still gives relax and elimination to many physical problems Saranga Kashaya Dhara is basically a sedation therapy and the substances using or this treatment is herbal dicaction and it removes “ama??? rom the body and ama is toxin and Sarvanga Kashaya Dhara helps to reduce the toxin contents in our body. It has everything that you would prefer from a better sedation therapy and it’s very effective and also reliable ensures relief.Sarvanga Kashaya Dhara is eliminating health problems and promotes at metabolism,remoes tension from the muscle and also elevates pain and stiffness of the joints and muscles. Sarvanga Kashaya Dhara takes much relevance with Ayurveda sedation therapy and without this system o sedation Ayurveda has no completion and Sarvanga Kashaya Dhara is very prominent to protect the dominance of Ayurveda.

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One time cost : Euro 35

Total cost : Euro 35

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