Ayurveda is a complete scientific medicinal system ensures treatments with amazing curing power and it have everything that you would prefer from a quality remedy exposure. Siro Vasthi is one of Ayurveda’s best treatment enlarges guaranteed curing and relaxes especially for nervous disorders and other type head related problems. Siro Vasthi has an ancestry over thousands of years and the Ayurveda text or Siro Vasthi is taken from palm readings written in Sanskrit. This unique treatment gets noticed from abroad and every year there are hundreds of tourists are coming to experience and enjoy Siro Vasthi (from in land and abroad) It’s a very reliable treatment promises relax from nervous illness and disorders and of course it’s also a rishi medicinal method. Warm medicated oil is the substance using for Siro Vasthi treatment and this oil has to retain over the head for half an hour and certain patience is needed for SiroVasthi. It’s a very important treatment in Ayurveda and without such an activity the Ayurveda is not completed. The medicated oil use for Siro Vasthi is specially made and it’s a mixture and the ingredients in this mixture are gingely oil, castor oil, ghee and common milk and with some herbal extracts.Siro Vasthi is a complete solution for eery kind of nervous problems.

No of days :14

One time cost : US $30

Total cost : US $400

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