Ayurveda offers very special treatment diversities and this rishi medicinal science is a unique treatment system ensures relax and elimination of much diseases. As one of the reliable curing method of Ayurveda, the Snehapanamis very important and it gives relax beyond expectation. Also it can be say as a nourishment treatment and Snehapanam enlarges some other benefits andSnehapanam is a reliable curative way of Ayureda. The main material forSnehapanam is medicated ghee and the treatment gives body nourishment and it has everything that you would prefer from a better Ayurveda remedy.Snehapanam is treatment associating with Panchakarma, and the Panchakarma has no entity without Snehpanam, and it can be defined in other words like the Administration of medicated ghee. Snehapanam very effectively works on digestive system and the amount of Snehapanam can be vary or different as per the health of the person undergoing the treatment. The important part in Panchakarma has to special mention and Snehapanamsuccessfully involves as apart in Panchakarma. Snehapanam treatment has certain restrictions and the period of the treatment is for seen days and it’s not advisable to undergo more than seven days. In Ayurveda, theSnehapanam treatment is considered with much priority. It’s a very unique Ayurveda treatment with the support of medicated ghee.

No of days :14

One time cost : Euro 13

Total cost : Euro 182

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