Ayurveda is a perfect medicinal science with lot of unique treatment varieties, and Ayurveda directly depends the nature for the production of medicines. Many medicines in Ayurveda are simple and easily available from the natural resources. Thalam is very common and well known in Ayurveda for mental abnormalities and neurotic disorders. Ayureda promises very effective remedies for mental abnormalities and neurotic disorders, where Thalam treatment gets much priority and it can be say as an Ayurveda therapeutic remedy . Thalam is the Malayalam name or the Shirovasthi and it has the backing of thousands o the years. It effects the mind and nerves and Thalam enhances and nourishes the brain cells and it has everything to care and cure for mental disorders. Thalam very effectively works on ailments like insomnia, stress, tension and of course for every kind of mental problems and it has everything to prevent neurotic disorders. Thalam is a very olden treatment system in Ayurveda and the medicinal oil is the main content which retained over the head in sealed manner. Thalam nourishes the brain and enhances the brain cells, a suitable cap is using to retaining the medicinal oil and it’s very reliable for eliminating head related diseases especially with mental abnormalities and neurotic disorders. Thalam is a better treatment you can rely upon where Ayureda proclaims the dominance of ancient Indian heritage.

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