Ayurveda has so many effective therapies and the inclusion of these methods make Ayurveda as a meaningful medicinal science where the ancient tradition and cultural heritage blooms. Udvarthanam is a massage therapy in Ayurveda using herbal powder and this herbal powder is special with many healing properties. Udvarthanam , the treatment was very popular hundreds of years back and the local kings have been addicted to this Ayurveda treatment and palaces are the main promoters of Udvarthanam. The elimination of cellular accumulations is very effectively possible with Udvarthanam and the main curing power of the treatment lies in the same. As an Ayurveda therapy, the Udvarthanam is not so familiar to everyone and perhaps it’s not so common like other Ayurveda treatments. But Udvarthanam has a prominent role in Ayurveda treatments and nowadays this unique way of treatment gets wide acceptance everywhere and those who undergone Udvarthanam spreads the qualities of this treatment. It has the power to remove fatty deposits in the body and Udvarthanam shows resulting slimming the body. Also Udvarthanam has the power to reduce body heat, those who suffer with abnormal body heat gets relief after experiencing Udvarthanam. Anyway, Udvarthanam is a better massage therapy using powder gives curing to health problems and it’s a treatment rely upon.

No of days :14

One time cost : US $35

Total cost : US $250

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