Vasti is a main treatment form of Ayurveda, specially considering for the treatments of rheumatic diseases. It gets much importance in Ayureda and it has some other forms also, and all the Vasti’s are the valuable contributions of Ayurveda. An expert is needed before practicing Vasti, and under the guidance of an Ayurveda doctor (Vaiyda) only the treatment should be done. The important Vasti’s are Kashaya Vasti, Uttara Vasti,Sneha Vasthi, Siro Vasthi etc. and it has the specialty of tradition and ancestral values. Vasthi I the Ayurveda treatment mainly focus on rheumatic diseases and its very result oriented to eliminate the paralysis disorders. This method is convinced thousands of years back and still on move as a successful treatment part of Ayurveda and the special power to eliminate rheumatic (Vatha )disorders made Vasthi to popularize everywhere especially at abroad. The toxin removal process from human body is also possible with Vasthi treatment and it can be defined as multipurpose system of Ayurveda with great curing capacity. The guaranteed relax from many ailments gives Vasthi an aura of a powerful curing form. It’s capacity to remove toxin has to special mention and of course Vasti is a complete solution for certain problematic diseases.

No of days :14

One time cost : US $10 – Matra Vasthi, US $20 – Sneha Vasthi, US $55 – Kashaya Vasthi

Total cost : US $140 – Matra Vasthi, US $280 – Sneha Vasthi, US $770 – Kashaya Vasthi

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