Ayurveda has so many women centered therapies and treatments and all of them are very ancient with traditional values as Ayurveda remain. Yoni Prakshalanam, as the name denotes is an Ayurveda treatment therapy especially designed for Women and this curing system of Ayureda get wide acceptance all over India and abroad. The anatomical disorders and gynecological complaints of women are curable and can be eliminated with Yoni Prakshalanam. It has everything that women would prefer from a better Ayureda therapy treatment. It ensures the stoppage of womanly complaints mainly related with vaginal/gyech complaints. This therapy is process o cleaning to vaginal area and some oils are using or this purpose, generally medicated oils are using to clean the vaginal part and such an activity YoniPrakshalanam is a very effective therapy. Prakshalanam, the word is taken from Sanskrit and the meaning is washing in Malayalam and the genital part knows everyone. In this therapy the medicated oil has to pass through vagina(yoni) and it has everything to satisfy women. Yoni Prakshalanam ensures relaxation fro gynec complaints and the main process of YoniPrakshalanam begins with the application of oils to the vaginal area and it has the power to strengthen vaginal muscles.The Yoni Prakshalanam acts very result orient and the genital organs o the women gets clean and fresh ater concluding Yoni Prakshalanam.

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